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10986970_1468347963465082_2503005785010262079_nDzung Vu is the owner and executive chef at Cai Mam Restaurant. Dzung was born in the North East of Vietnam in the Red River Delta where Vietnamese cuisine was begun. He was brought up eating traditional Vietnamese food, and as a child watched his mother and his grandmother cooking food which ignited his passion for homemade cooking.
Dzung is a self-taught chef, who has perfected his skills over the years by cooking for all all members of his family and his friends as well. He has a deep rooted philosophy to provide true authentic Vietnamese cuisine (both for meat eaters and vegetarians) for customers to experience. It is common nowadays for restaurants to cater their dishes to western palate, which detracts from its authentically. Cai Mam strives to produce quality, homemade food every meal as its strategy: “Simple but authentic”

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