Guests’ Reviews

Cool little place only about 2 metres wide.. Good service, great food and excellent prices. Thoroughly recommend it!

Anthony G,

I've been eaten in this restaurant for 3 times and have no complaint as the foods are all good, authentic Vietnamese. The staff is caring, polite and on time. They went our of their way to be sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied. They even said sorry for the late of the food ( 7 minutes only). Anyway, the foods come promptly as the waiters and their associates work very well together .The decoration makes you feel that you are eating dinner or lunch in a traditional Vietnamese house, not a restaurant. The stir chicken with lemongrass and chilly is hightlight of our meals here, love it. Simply put, I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone who want to taste and checkout Vietnamese foods and eating atmosphere.

Gary B, new york,

We received a recommendation to visit this restaurant and after checking out some photo's on here first we popped in. Initially, I was a bit unsure as it was on the groundfloor of a hostel building, but this should not pit anyone off!
We were fortunate to get the last table in what is a nicely decorated place. Our party included 3 adults and 2 fairly picky kids but we ordered lots of foods and were all well fed for about 1M VND. The rice rolls were amazing; both beef and vegetarian but my favourite thing was the lime and mint slushy which was delicious.
The service was very efficient and the waitress incredibly polite and friendly. Very pleased we visited. The drinks were so good we went back the next day : )

Rich M, Hong Kong,

Tôi rất thích món ăn ở nhà hàng cái mâm.
Sau 1 lần đi chơi với bạn tôi đã ăn ở nhà hàng và tôi cũng rất ấn tượng với phong cách của nhà hàng , ấm cúng và rất viet nam.