My full name is Hoàng Thị Ánh. I was born in 10th, nine 1994. Now, I’m third a student at Hanoi Open University- Faculty Of Tourism. There are many reasons I choose industry TOURISM - SERVICES. First, I like to travel, love to discover new things in the places where I've never been to. Secondly, I want to do everything perfectly.


Because the service sectors requires not only experience but also you require a lot of other skills such as communication skills, soft skills ... Moreover, all that we do to satisfed customers. The most important, after I studied at Faculty Of Tourism - Hanoi Open University and receptionist at Cai Mam restaurant. I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned into practice. It trained me aware of serious work, responsibility in work. Then I could practice speaking English every day because I was communicating with foreigners. I think I will love my job, which I choose and do