My name is Nga. I'm 22 years old and I'm a single. I grow up in Haiphong, Vietnam and study accounting at Hanoi Open University.

I’m a hard worker, eager to learn and I like to take on a variety of challenges. I also like to be in contact with the public. I like pets, and in my spare time, I enjoy bicycling and jogging. I believe my strongest trait is my attention to detail. This trait has helped me tremendously in this field of work. “I’ve always been a great team player.

I’m good at keeping a team together and producing quality work in a team environment I feel my weakness is not being detail oriented enough. I’m a person that wants to accomplish as much as possible. I realized this hurts the quality and I’m currently working on finding a balance between quantity and quality Eventually, I want to take part in the growth and success of the restaurant I work for